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2010 Wastewater line Replacement
This project included the design and reconstruction of new 8" sanitary sewer mains, at various locations thoughout the city of Temple to replace aging and failing infastructure. Both open cut trenching methods and trenchless technologies were used to replace the failing utilities. The total lengths to be constructed were approximately 18,050 l.f. for new 8" PVC SDR 26 "Pressure and Non-Pressure Rated" sanitary sewer main constructed via open trenching methods and approximately 10,000 l.f. of new 8" HDPE DR 17 sanitary sewer main constructed via trenchless construction methods.

Primary tasks performed include: Identification of existing properties, easements, and right of ways, design surveys, preliminary layout, development of project estimates and budgets, final design, bidding and construction administration services, coordination with city staff and property owners, coordination with 3rd party utility providers, construction layout, and daily on-site inspection services.
Budget:  $5.0 Million
Contact:  Thomas Brown & Nicole Torralva, P.E.
Design Complete 2010
Project Engineer:  Monty Clark, P.E. & Justin Fuller, P.E.
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